Frequently Asked Questions

In what states can you perform a pre-purchase inspection?

Carinspect operates in all Australian states and territories. We can perform pre-purchase inspections in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, and Tasmania.

What type of vehicles do you inspect?

Carinspect will inspect all small, medium and large cars as well as all Vans and 4WD's. If you are using our service to inspect something extra special, we recommend choosing the premium level inspection in the booking screen as this allows our inspector to spend some further time going over the vehicle in order to provide a more detailed report.

How long does an inspection take?

A Carinspect Standard Comprehensive Inspection takes roughly 45-60 minutes to complete, whilst a Premium Comprehensive Inspection takes 70-90 minutes. Both inspection levels include a road test of the vehicle in the local area to allow for a specific report on any driving abnormalities.

What is included in a Carinspect inspection?

On all Carinspect inspections, you will receive a highly detailed summary of the vehicle's condition. Standard inspections include 80+ checklist items whilst a premium inspection includes 100+ checklist items. The report is 12-15 pages in length and includes approximately 20 detailed photos of the interior, exterior and engine bay area. Additional to the Carinspect physical inspection, vehicles built after 1989 receive a CarHistory vehicle report including VIN Validation, PPSR Certificate, stolen check, written-off check, finance check, odometer roll-back check, registration check, Takata airbag recall check. You will also receive a phone call directly from the mechanic who inspects the vehicle.

Who are the Carinspect Accredited Mechanics that will inspect the vehicle for me?

Carinspect uses a network of highly qualified and insured mechanics. All Carinspect accredited mechanics have at least 4 years of automotive mechanical experience and have met strict vetting procedures set out by Carinspect.

How is the underbody of the vehicle inspected?

All Carinspect accredited mechanics use the latest mobile inspection tools including mechanical locking jacks to raise a vehicle and inspect the underbody.

Should I use the Carinspect results to purchase a vehicle?

The Carinspect inspection report should be used to make an educated consideration to purchase. Some of our customers purchase vehicles sight unseen, while others use the report to make a determination whether to travel and inspect the vehicle themselves. As with any purchase, Carinspect recommends that the buyer does their own further due diligence as required before proceeding with any vehicle purchase.

Once the booking has been made, how long does it take to receive my report?

Once you have made the booking online, you will instantly receive a booking confirmation email together with a payment receipt. An accredited Carinspect mechanic will contact the seller of the vehicle to arrange an appointment time within 48 hours of the booking coming through (subject to the seller making the vehicle available). You receive the report on the same day that the inspection has been completed. If the seller is unable to make the vehicle available to Carinspect immediately, the inspection will be completed with the seller at the next available time.

Do I need to be present for the inspection?

No. Our service is often booked by interstate buyers or those who can not easily view the seller's vehicle. As long as the seller of the vehicle makes the car keys available to the Carinspect accredited mechanic, they will complete the inspection and call you with a summary of the vehicle once the report has been completed.

Where can a Carinspect inspection take place?

Carinspect inspections can take place at home, work or any other safe environment. On some occasions, the mechanic may need to move the vehicle to a safer location in the immediate area if the mechanic believes that the seller's location is unsuitable for a safe inspection to take place - this may be due to things such as traffic or surfaces that are unstable or undulating.

How much does a Carinspect pre-purchase inspection cost?

Carinspect offers two service levels - 'Standard' and 'Premium'. The price of a Standard Inspection is $279.00 and a Premium Inspection is $339.00. All pricing is inclusive of GST. Both inspection types include a comprehensive mechanical and cosmetic report, numerous photos and a free CarHistory vehicle report valued at $36.95.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Carinspect offers a full refund (minus a $12.50 credit card fee) for inspection bookings that for any reason cannot go ahead. The following two exceptions apply:

  1. If you require the inspection to be cancelled and the inspection time and date has already been set with the seller of the vehicle, Carinspect will retain a $60 administration fee whilst refunding you the balance of the booking.
  2. On the occasion that the Carinspect Accredited Mechanic has already travelled to the seller's location to complete the inspection and is unable to fulfil the service, Carinspect will retain a $150 cancellation fee whilst refunding you the balance of the booking.